United States of A-Mission Field

United States of A-Mission Field

Cancel your flight plans.  No need to dust off your luggage bag.
You want to go on a missions trip?
Walk out your front door.

America’s Christian climate has turned cold and the temperatures keep dropping.  According to a survey conducted between 2007 and 2014 by Lifeway Research, Americans who identify themselves as Christian fell from 78.4 to 70 percent while Americans who identify themselves as having no religious affiliation (nones) rose from 16.1 to 22.8 percent.

If this trend were to continue, in a country 25 year older, Americans who identify themselves as being Christian will have dropped to 40% and nones will have risen to nearly 50% of the population. That is a startling statistic.

Following the same projections, by 2065, Christian Americans will have plummeted to less than 10% of the population. and nones will have risen to nearly 80%.

Are you heading to your front door yet?

T2J - United States of a Mission Field

I heard it said one time by a prominent preacher who I greatly admire, “Missions is not the same as evangelism.  Evangelism is sharing the Gospel and living out the Gospel where you are and missions happen when you make it your ambition to preach the Gospel where the church isn’t yet planted.”

There are more than 300,000 churches in the United States.  For every ten miles you drive across the United States, you will have passed a Protestant church.  Yes, the church has been planted in the United States, but does that mean America is not a mission field?  Perhaps it does not.

The church in America is in decline.  Nearly 5,000 churches shut down per year and 1,500 churches are being planted during the same time span.  America is losing 3,500 churches per year.  Add this statistic to the decline in church attendance, and one can see why the number of people who put their faith in no religion are on the rise and Christianity in America is on the pathway to extinction.

So, what does one do?
What is the remedy for a nation in spiritual decline; a nation in which the majority may soon be unchurched?

The answer: Missions.

Currently America receives more missionaries per year than any other country with 32,000.  Second is Brazil with 20,000. Why is this?  It could be the fact that Christians from other countries are seeing the decline of Christianity in America.

It is time we see it too. It is time we become proactive in our effort to create a culture which revers Christ-like moral.  It is time we desire to be missionaries in our own land and not just  far away.  It is time for many of us to cancel our flight plans and for America’s sake,  do here what we intended on doing there.