Revealing God to the world through “Pathway To God”


Pathway To God Testimonials

If you have professed faith in Jesus Christ as a result of your Pathway To God journey, we want to highlight your experience!  Send us a photo of you with your Talk To Jesus book and include a brief testimony telling us and others how Pathway To God has impacted your life and encouraged you to spark a relationship with Jesus.  We also welcome group photos as well as video testimonials that have been uploaded through YouTube!

Send your photo and testimonial/video to:

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Haven’t yet experienced Pathway To God?

If you would like to know more about Jesus, we invite you to experience Pathway To God.  Pathway To God is our source for sharing the Gospel with others and pointing people to Christ.  Pathway To God is available to you in PDF form and has been written in the opening pages of our ministry book entitled Talk To Jesus.



Revealing God to the world through Love In Action


God’s love is demonstrated through the love offering of Jesus. 

Jesus lived as God lives and died to reconcile the world back to God.  As Christians, we have died to the world and become fully alive to Christ.  Through faith, we are privileged to emulate Jesus and share His love with the people around us.

At Talk To Jesus, we are a community of Christians from various denominations whose greatest desire is to reveal God’s love to the world.  We hope that through our actions you are encouraged to spark a conversation with Jesus and come to know Him well.

If you have received a Love In Action card and the love of Christ was demonstrated for you, will you write to us and share what God did for you through another person?  We would love to hear how God’s love was demonstrated for you and how it made you feel!