Pathway To God



Which of us wants everything God offers?  Which of us has the inner desire to praise God for all He provides and live a life pleasing to Him?  I would argue that the answer to both questions is everyone.  Now, will everyone choose to call on God and depend solely on Him?  No.  Will everyone choose to praise God for all He provides and live their lives in a way which glorifies Him?  No.

In His Word, however, God says “I have put eternity into man’s heart.”  (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Inside each of us there is a longing to be with God and to experience God now and forever!  My friend, Pathway To God is written for you so you might choose to respond to God’s calling on your life.  Pathway to God is a 14-day journey designed to empower you to call out to God and experience His response to your calling.

Over the course of 14 days, you will be presented with six topics including: You, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Word of God, and the Church. Each day presents a relevant scripture, God’s prophetic word written to you, and writing space provided for you to speak to God.

As you enter God’s presence each day, listen and speak to Him as if the only two people who matter in the moment of conversation are you and God.  Speak to Him from the deepest part of your heart as you consider receiving His Word as truth.  Most imperatively, know that it is your destiny to have a close relationship with God – your Creator and your Father – and nothing and no one should keep you from your destiny, not even yourself.

Please be sure to experience Pathway to God one day at a time, paying close attention to your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as God draws near to you over the next 14 days.

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God, I believe in you.  I believe you are a reality worth experiencing.  You are not an idea adopted by the mind, rather you created the mind.  You are not a figment of the imagination; rather you provide the will to imagine.  With confidence, I enter your presence and ask you to reveal yourself to my friend who is reading my prayer.  Soften his or her heart, and prepare his or her mind to receive the knowledge and wisdom which flows from your heart and mind.  Speak to every reader using plain words and reveal yourself to them through their thoughts, feelings, and life experiences.  Draw close to each person who experiences Pathway To God until you have empowered each of them with faith to believe.  It is in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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I encourage you to have Pathway To God printed so you can use it as a daily journal and devotional.


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