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We are Christians who aspire to extend the love of Jesus to people in our community.  We do so through love in action, obedience to the Word of God, and fervent unceasing prayer.

Seeking to share his faith and encourage others to call out to God, Bobby Gene Redding founded T2J | Talk To Jesus | Ministry in March of 2003. Just days after being born-again, God impressed upon Bobby to print the acronym "T2J" on a snapback hat and "Talk To Jesus" on a T-Shirt. From that moment, Bobby began to print "T2J" and "Talk To Jesus" on T-shirts and hats and give them to people in hopes of them sparking a conversation with God and/or growing closer to Jesus through prayer. Seeing people's love for these printed hats and T-Shirts and how it helped him and others share their faith, Bobby sought to create more resources and products. In January of 2015, Bobby began the process of developing all that you see here at t2j.org. T2J | Talk To Jesus | Ministry began as a hobby for its founder and is now a ministry platform designed to help assist and encourage you as you strive to express and share your faith in Jesus with others. There is so much here for you to engage in and claim as your own including social networking, ministry posts and blog, ministry events, Talk To Jesus apparel, our ministry books, Life On Mission Boxes and other ministry tools and resources, and more!
Friend, whether this is your first time visiting T2J | Talk To Jesus | Ministry, or you have been a member for a long time, we welcome you to Talk To Jesus! Please engage and explore and if you have any questions, please reach out to us.


As an organization, we provide you with:


We provide you with a powerful message for every encounter – TALK TO JESUS.  Every Talk To Jesus Member is equipped to encourage people to call out to God and to excite believers to pray effectively and unceasingly.


We provide you with a unique set of tools designed to help you operate an effective and fruitful ministry of your own.  Among the variety of tools we provide, we highlight four mission outreach tools used by every Talk To Jesus Member:  Talk To Jesus Bracelets and Pens, Love In Action Cards, and Care Packages.  These four tools are essential to our outreach efforts and a one month supply is provided at a discounted cost for every Talk To Jesus Member.


As a Talk To Jesus Member you are invited to create a personalized ministry profile to highlight  your outreach efforts and attract a following.  You are granted access to specialized videos and articles designed to help you cultivate an effective ministry with Talk To Jesus.  Each member is also gifted with IGNITE – a ministry manual designed to empower you as you impact others through your personalized ministry.


As a ministry organization, we support you as you cultivate real change in and around your community.  We organize outreach events, connect you with other Talk To Jesus Members, and operate as a hub for your Talk To Jesus ministry.

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We empower you with a ministry platform so you can fearlessly share the love of Jesus and bring real change to your community!




Bobby is the founder of Talk To Jesus and serves as Pastor of Community Evangelism and Prayer. He is the author of "Talk To Jesus" and uses this dynamic book to encourage unbelievers to call out to God and teach believers how to pray and inspire them into action. He considers himself a domestic missionary in the United States. His mission is to excite powerful prayer within the local church and motivate the church into Gospel-centered evangelism. His vision is to spark a movement of powerful prayer throughout the U.S. until God Himself changes the moral atmosphere of the United States of America.

Bobby is a graduate of Christian Leaders Institute and is commissioned and ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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Lily serves as administrator and co-pastor at Talk To Jesus.  Lily has 8+ years experience in Christian ministry and domestic and international missions.  Lily is passionate about developing relationships and sharing the love of God with people everywhere!

Lily is a graduate of Saint Louis Dream Center Academy and is currently pursuing ordination through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) brings high-quality Christian college education by removing barriers of cost and geographical location for the 92 percent of the world that currently does not have access to higher education. Christian Leaders Institute is accredited with the non-traditional accrediting organization called The International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries (IABCS).