Ministry update

Thank you for being here.

I wanted to provide for all of you an update on what is developing and transpiring with this ministry.  

In a recent post I expressed to you my desire to be in constant communication with God by spending more quality time with Him.  I am exceedingly grateful to tell you that this desire is coming to pass.  I have been engaging God through prayer in a more profound way over the past two months and the effects of my praying is taking shape.  

Most notably, my relationship with God is being strengthened.  As I draw closer to Him, I notice Him drawing closer to me.  I am experiencing an overwhelming sense of His presence as He continues to impart His attributes to me by way of His Spirit.  I have been praying for an enrichment of love, peace, and joy.  Day after day I strive in prayer to be filled with these attributes and I believe God is enabling me to grow in each.  

I have also been praying for God to give me opportunities to evangelize, to express kindness to others, and to reveal His love.  There has been numerous occasions where God has made this possible.  For God’s glory to be revealed to you (because of what His Spirit inspires and empowers me to do), I will tell you of them: 

While walking through Walmart, I was stopped by a young man and young woman working for Spectrum internet.  In need of the internet at home, I agreed to sign up for their promotion.  As we engaged in conversation regarding Spectrum and some everyday life activities, God presented an opportunity to engage in conversation about Him.  I presented each of them with a Talk To Jesus bracelet and told them of this ministry.  I welcomed each of them to a “Talk To Jesus” study as I gave them a ministry card with my contact information and website.  The young man was pleased to hear of the inner workings of this ministry and I hope to meet with him in the near future.

More opportunities came these past two months that enabled me to simply express the kindness and love of God.  

At a local grocery, a simple compliment I gave to a store employee about her hair (an elderly woman who had dyed a strip of her hair green) put a giant smile on her face and breathed a sense of joy into her daily routine.  She received my compliment and desired to share with me her name and asked me to return someday to talk with her again.

Another occasion I saw a man stranded on the highway, so I pulled over to ask if there was anything I could do to help.  He approached my drivers door and said he had everything under control, but I could see the appreciation in his face and hear it in his voice and this brough me as much joy and gratitude as it did him.

Yet on another occasion I saw an old woman walking in the rain with an umbrella that wasn’t seeming to help her keep dry.  She was pushing back a grocery cart through the cold rain toward her car and I asked if I could help put them in her trunk as she warmed up in her car.  She thanked me for the offer but decided to do it herself.  I was grateful for the opportunity to help even though she did feel the need to receive the offering.

More opportunities came as a middle eastern man installed the internet at my home – I offered him a Talk To Jesus bracelet, a bottled water, and encouraged him to reach out to Christ through prayer.  He smiled and appeared grateful.  

A young woman at a checkout registered appeared down and was not having a good day, I presented her a bracelet and told her I was a minister of the Gospel and simply wanted to encourage her to talk to Jesus.  The shock and sudden joy filled her face as we smiled at each other and went about our way.  At a restaurant I felt a strong desire to tip the waitress the same dollar amount as the food I purchased.  Upon giving the waitress the cash, I provided her with a Talk To Jesus bracelet and Love In Action card.  I expressed to her that I was a Christian and wanted to express to her Jesus’ love by blessing her financially.  She was very grateful.  

These are some of the opportunities God presented to me for His love to be expressed.  I am very grateful for each opportunity and as you read of them, I hope you see the love of God, the power of the indwelling Spirit of God, and the needs of people in your community and throughout the world.  

In every opportunity, may God’s name be glorified.  May the Gospel of Christ spread and may the kingdom of God advance.  

Here’s to more opportunities…

Pastor Bobby