Love, Obedience and Prayer | August 25, 2019

Letters To The Church
August 25, 2019

Good morning. Love and peace to all of you on this day. Today is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice in it. I’m grateful for all of you and it is a blessing to go through life with you. Each of you is alive on this day for a reason and a purpose; do not forget that. God has you here because He desires for you to experience this life with Him and impact the lives of others with His Gospel. You have significant worth and value so be encouraged and let the light of Christ shine through you on this day.

As some of you know, God has given me a vision to develop a ministry platform that encourages unbelievers to call out to God and teaches believers how to pray and inspires them into action. More and more, the mission that supports this vision is coming into clear focus.
Recently, God has impressed upon me to change the dialogue on the front page of our website, specifically in the ‘who we are’ section. Previously this section stated, “…by way of humble service, sacrifice and prayer” referring to how we, as believers and Talk To Jesus members/supporters, impact our communities and neighborhood. Today this section reads “…by way of love in action, obedience to the Word of God and fervent unceasing prayer.” God revealed to me that these three means of impacting our culture is exactly what we use at Talk To Jesus and within the Talk To Jesus House Church Network.

For starters, love is at the center of all we think, say and do. Love is who God is, therefore love is who we are, and therefore, what we do. We demonstrate to others the love that God is and the love that we are in and through Him by proclaiming His message and emulating his mercy, grace and compassion as we encounter others. Secondly, regarding obedience to the Word of God, there is no substitute to reading, receiving and responding faithfully and obediently to God’s Word. Without the Word of God we cannot know God or do the things God calls us to do and be the people God calls us to be. As with love, the Word of God is central to who we are as people, as believers, and as messengers of the Lord’s love, mercy and grace. And finally, we impact our community and neighborhood with fervent, unceasing prayer. Prayer is at the heart of who we are as a ministry and house church network. Prayer molds and shapes us into one body as we speak praises to our God and intercede for one another. Prayer enables us to receive from God everything He desires to give us and bless us with. Prayer is a lifestyle we embody as it enables us to commune with God and therefore live as Christ lived, speak as Christ spoke and do the things He asks us to do.

So be encouraged, my friends and my brothers and sisters in Christ. God is constructing our mission as it relates to the vision of winning souls and walking in the newness of life He has blessed us with and called us into. Rejoice as you enjoy this day God has made. You are on my mind and your spiritual well-being is my priority. I love you all.
Greet one another with love, and honor and respect your spiritual leaders. Each of you is a disciple of Christ and worthy to disciple another disciple. Thank God for that and embrace that calling on your life. I pray that God blesses your relationships with one another. Remember, as Jesus tells us in John 13:35, they will know us by our love for each other; so greet one another with the richness and genuineness of Christ’s love for us. God bless you family.

Sent with love,
Pastor Bobby