Faith and Prayer like George Müller

Thank you for being here!

I have long been inspired by the life and ministry of George Müller. George Müller was a Christian Evangelist born in Germany who spent much of his life caring for and providing for the needs of orphans in Bristol, England.
What fascinates me most about George Müller was his humble desire to tell only God of his life and ministry needs. Throughout his life and ministry he never requested provision from any man or woman, rather solely relied on his prayers to God as a means of receiving exactly what he needed. In doing so, George Müller cared for more than 10,000 orphans and developed more than 100 schools that provided education for as many as 120,000 children.

All of this through the power of prayer.

This is exactly what I desire for T2J | Talk To Jesus Ministry.

In future posts I will describe in detail for you what God has put on my heart regarding outreach and helping people.
More than anything, I want God to show up. I don’t want this ministry to develop and do great things for the cause of Christ and the good of people without God being
at the center of it all. For this reason, I am determined to seek God alone to meet every need this ministry has in order to accomplish the things God has put on my heart. I want to minimize my human strength and creative intellect and maximize the power of prayer and the power of God.

I hope you will continue following this Talk To Jesus ministry journey. And as I report to you in detail all that God is doing through the prayers and faith of His people, I hope you will be inspired to live your life completely devoted to knowing and experiencing this amazing God whom we call Lord, Savior, and Father.

Talk to you soon,

Pastor Bobby