Everything By Prayer

Thank you for being here!

Following up on my most recent post regarding the life and ministry of George Müller, I wanted to share with you some of the responses God has given to my prayers.  However, before I do, I want to inform you of the current state my prayer life is in.  

I pray far too irregularly for my liking.  I desire to be in constant communication with God moment by moment, and I have not reached that point.  To achieve this I confess to you that my discipline in praying ‘in the prayer closet’ if you will, needs to improve.  I find that the busyness of preparing and launching the ministry often deters me from the one activity that I desire most – quality time with God.  

I will determine, with you as my witness, to become more and more disciplined in spending quality time with God in heartfelt prayer. 

With that said, for the past four years, I have been praying daily for the development of this ministry and for its effectiveness in reaching the people whom God desires to reach.  I have begun praying for God to draw incredibly close to each person who purchases “Talk To Jesus”.  I am also asking God to see to it that I seize every opportunity He presents to me regarding growing this ministry so that His will for my life and the lives of others is accomplished.

Now, onto the answers to my prayers – One recurring prayer of mine has been to have a ministry partner.  This prayer has been ongoing for nearly four years.  Two months ago I met a girl at a church in Fenton, Missouri.  Over the past two months her and I have gotten to know each other well and have become aware of our likeminded desire to do full time ministry, even travel ministry.  I have shared with her the mission and vision of this ministry and she has expressed her interest in being a part of what I am hoping to do for the Lord.  We have begun praying in agreement for what we envision God has planned for us to do and we will move forward together as long as God sees fit.  Is she God’s answer to my prayer of 4 years?  I believe I will soon know the answer.  

Another recurring prayer is to be employed in a local church – be it in a pastoral role or otherwise.  This prayer has been ongoing for nearly two years.  

Recently I had applied with a multi-site church for a position to operate the bookstore inside one of their  four locations.  Worthy to note – from August 2017 to April of 2018 I was employed at a Christian bookstore and enjoyed every moment I was there.  It was an amazing opportunity to meet Christians from different backgrounds and denominations, and served as a great way to minister to and build the body of Christ.  So, with this experience I had had, I jumped at the opportunity to apply for the position once I saw it posted.  I was invited for an interview 2 weeks ago, and will head to a second interview tomorrow afternoon.  

A third recurring prayer has been to travel the US and live the lifestyle of a domestic missionary with the purpose of evangelizing the unsaved and edifying the local church.  From the ministry book “Talk To Jesus”, to the Talk To Jesus membership platform and T2J clothing line – all of it is designed to accomplish that mission.  I am asking God to give me the supernatural power, discipline, and financial stability so that I can employ His great calling on my life, if it is truly from Him.  I believe this prayer will be answered.  I believe he will eventually send me to labor around this country to spark true revival.  

So, there are three of my most reoccurring prayers: A ministry partner, employment through the local church, and my desire to travel the United States as a domestic missionary.

I believe each of these prayers are developing and will soon be fully answered.  All in God’s good timing.  

I will keep you updated,

Pastor Bobby