Creating the Foundation

I am glad you are here!

Talk To Jesus first began in 2003, 3 months after I became a Christian. Not knowing how to go about sharing my faith, I decided to have a shirt and hat made with the logo ‘T2J’ and the phrase ‘Talk To Jesus’. For the next 15 years to date, I have been using this logo and phrase as a means to share my faith and encourage people to call out to God.

While the ministry thus far has simply been a platform for me to share my faith and encourage others, I have worked hard over the past four years to create a ministry platform for Christians worldwide. Over the past four years (with the help of many others), I have prayed earnestly for this ministry, studied and researched, created products, wrote a book and developed this site all with the intention of building a ministry that is as effective as possible in reaching the unsaved and edifying the body of Christ.

As you explore this site, I encourage you to check out all we have to offer in the way of products and resources including our Life On Mission Boxes and apparel. I also strongly encourage you to check our ministry book entitled, “Talk To Jesus”. This dynamic book is at the center of our outreach efforts and we desire to equip you with a copy of your own so we can work together with you as we strive to win the unsaved and edify each and every local church.

This is the first blog post of many! I invite you to join me on this ministry journey and get to know me and my passion, mission, and vision as I set out to spark a movement of powerful prayer and God-centered evangelism within the local church until God Himself changes the moral atmosphere of the United States of America.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Everything in Jesus name,

Pastor Bobby