Talk To Jesus Church-Wide Campaign

Being Church partners with Talk To Jesus, a parachurch ministry that exists to encourage unbelievers to call our to God and teaches believers how to pray and inspires them into action.

The Talk To Jesus Church-Wide Campaign is a movement that welcomes a fresh outpouring of God’s life-giving Spirit on His people.  At Being Church, we offer this campaign to our home-based and online churches as well as local churches around the world.

What you can expect from participating in this campaign:

  • A congregation that experiences deeper intimacy with God through prayer
  • A congregation who understands the power of prayer and desires prayer above every other activity
  • A congregation eager to read, receive and respond faithfully and obediently to the Word of God
  • A congregation zealous for doing good deeds
  • A more active congregation who desires to make a difference by serving in their church and community
  • A congregation excited about evangelism

What is it and how can I launch a campaign at my church?

At the center of the Talk To Jesus Church-Wide Campaign is “Talk To Jesus”, an interactive book written for the inter-generational church without denominational boundaries.  This book appeals to the masses with its two-part design as it conveys the true Gospel to unbelievers and takes believers to new spiritual heights.

“Talk To Jesus” is a 40 Day interactive journey filled with taking action steps and QR Codes that link to more than 25 online videos and other web content.
The Talk To Jesus Church-Wide Campaign includes:
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For more information and to launch a campaign at your church, sign up for campaign updates and order your Talk To Jesus Church-Wide Campaign Kit today!