Book is published!

I am glad you are here!

“Talk To Jesus” is published as of August 16, 2018! I am incredibly thrilled and a bit relieved to have published the book. Above all, I truly believe God has divinely appointed “Talk To Jesus” to be used to help thousands if not millions of people understand the true Gospel and come to Christ. Moreover, I believe God has ordained that “Talk To Jesus” be used as a tool to help edify His church and bring people into a deeper connection with Him. I am relieved then, because I have been immersed in study, in writing, and in video creating – all with the purpose of putting out a product that I feel God can use to His glory…and I am ready for His glory to be revealed and had!

It has been a four year adventure and now that the book is published a new venture has seemingly begun.

Over the past two days, 20 books have been sold and/or given as gifts and I am incredibly excited for God to draw closer to each person who has received a book. For me, this ministry and every product and resource that is offered is designed solely to bring people into a more intimate relationship with God. I dilligently pray that He will spread the mission and vision of this ministry so that He may magnify Himself.

Thank you to all of you who love God and love others with the redeeming love of Christ.

Til next time,

Pastor Bobby